Tim Voght
321 N. Devon Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46219
(317) 895-8092

I am a skilled engineer with ability to complete projects on time and accurately. I have a thorough knowledge of software, digital, and analog design. Embedded systems programming in the C language is my specialty. I am interested in software development under Unix/Linux and in the use of Linux in embedded systems. I am eager to learn new things and capable of learning very quickly.


2/04 to present: Contract Engineer
For Transportation Safety Technologies, Indianapolis, IN.
Assembly and C programming of Microchip PIC processors used in vehicular applications for emergency vehicles and commercial trucks. Interface to hydraulic equipment with solenoid valves, including PWM flow control valves.
Sonar range-finding.
PID control of hydraulic flow.
Working as Voght Systems.

8/01 to present: Contract Engineer
For BQ Products, Indianapolis, IN.
Design of Real-Time Linux based test stand controller for testing vacuum valves. User interface code in Python language. Linux kernel module in C. Design of PIC and Atmel AVR based controllers for passenger train waste control systems. RS-485 communications.
PIC based telephone device.
PIC based utility metering devices.
PIC C and assembly code. Atmel AVR C and assembly code.
All code developed in a Linux environment using commercial and GNU GCC tools.
Working as Voght Systems.

10/02 to 3/03: Contract Engineer
Under contract to SPX, Kalamazoo, MI.
C language development for automotive diagnostic tool. Embedded processor used was Motorola 68332. J1979, KW2000 protocols.
Contracting Agency: Oxford International, Jupiter, FL

5/01 to 7/01: Contract Engineer
Under contract to DICKEY-john corporation, Auburn, IL. C and assembly language development for agricultural monitoring instrument. Embedded processor used was Siemens Infineon C167. Hardware level code for CAN bus and Flash ROM programming.
Contracting Agency: Tech Staff, Davenport, IA

2/01 to 4/01: Contract Engineer
Under contract to Open Globe division of Escient corporation, Indianapolis, IN.
Analysis and resolution of problems with C language driver for Universal Serial Bus (USB) Ethernet adapter provided by third party for audio home entertainment device. Embedded processor used was IBM PowerPC based. Application code written in C++. Driver was written to work with pNA IP stack of pSOS operating system. Linux and the GNU software development tools were being used on this project.
Contracting Agency: Total Technical Services, Boston, MA

3/00 to 2/01 Contract Engineer
Under contract to Harman-Motive, Martinsville, IN.
Embedded DSP (Analog Devices Sharc) C and assembly language development in automotive audio equipment. Also C and assembly development on Motorola 68HC08. PC tools for software development support in C/C++.
Contracting Agency: Ascena Information Technology, Boston, MA

Voght Systems, Indianapolis, IN
8/95 to present: Contracting Engineer

Wavetek Communications, Beech Grove, IN Embedded systems programming, RF test equipment.

Boehringer Mannheim Corporation, Indianapolis, IN PC-based test stand development using Visual Basic and MS Access database.

Internal projects: Web CGI development in Python language.
Induction motor speed controller research.

Wavetek Communications, Beech Grove, IN 1/89 to 8/95: Electrical Engineer
Software team leader. ‘C’ language and Motorola 68000,68331 assembly language programming (of embedded processors controlling RF test equipment primarily used in cable television industry). Used real-time operating systems (PSOS and proprietary). Measurement algorithm development. Invented new method for testing CATV cable frequency response.

2/88 to 12/88: Contract Hardware Engineer
Under contract to Delco Electronics, Kokomo. Analog and digital hardware design of automotive instrumentation and displays based on 68HC11 microprocessor. Involved in evaluating feasibility of ideas for advanced (future) designs. Finding problems with in-production instrument clusters and recommending fixes for them.
Contracting Agency: ACA Kokomo Inc, Kokomo, IN

7/85 to 11/87

American Auto-Matrix Inc, Export, PA
Analog and digital hardware design of facilities automation products and test fixtures based on 6502 microprocessor. Test code design in 6502 assembly language. Prototype construction.

2/83 to 7/85
Under contract to AT&T Consumer Products Laboratories, Indianapolis. Built hardware prototypes of consumer telephone equipment, built support hardware used for microprocessor software development. Tested software.
Contracting Agency: Electrocon Inc, Indianapolis, IN

1/82 to 1/83
Wavetek Indiana, Indianapolis, IN
Calibrated and troubleshot RF test equipment.

B.S.E.E.T., 12/81, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

United States Patents
#5,585,842 CATV Frequency Sweep Testing Using RF Transmitter to Generate Test Signals
#5,867,206 CATV Frequency Sweep Testing Using RF Transmitter to Generate Test Signals
#6,160,991 CATV Frequency Sweep Testing Remote Unit

Generating Sine Waves with Software, Embedded Systems Programming magazine, September 1995.

Electronics, Linux programming, reading, writing, and music.